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Coronavirus Shutdown: “Flattening the Curves”

For the safety of my clients and myself as well as to reduce the strain on our health-care system, I have decided that Frederick Bodywork will not be taking new appointments until the State of Maryland lifts the ban on gyms, theatres, and restaurants.

To mitigate some of the ramifications of this decision, I am offering a 12% discount on all packages and gift cards purchased during the closure. This is a great opportunity to save some money on future sessions for you or a loved one. It is also a great opportunity to help support me through this difficult time. If you can help, please do. It would mean a lot.

(Use coupon code: Covid-19 to take 12% off all packages. Save up to $30 per session!)

The lifestyle changes and isolation required by social distancing can be difficult emotionally, especially during a state of emergency. However, they also provide a great opportunity to cultivate better self-care practices. Find some time to step away from the television and internet and their anxiety-producing news feeds. Get out and enjoy some of this beautiful spring weather going on around us. Take a walk or a run. Sit in the sun. Do a little gardening. Put on some music and stretch out or roll on a ball. Take a long bath. Read a book for fun. Cook a new recipe. Whatever works for you.

(I’ll be taking this opportunity to develop and share some of my favorite self-care tools and routines with you. Check back for updates in the coming days.)

Life is full of opportunity, and the present moment is so often better than we think it is, especially if we can come to it with peace and presence and acceptance. A lot of people are feeling very stressed and anxious right now. The more kindness and compassion we give to ourselves, the more we’ll be able to give to those around us. And in doing so, we can help to flatten a different critical curve: the stress/anxiety curve.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Be kind.

- Aaron

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