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Aaron practices a style of massage that is different from what I was used to. He methodically tests range of motion to identify problem areas. He holds pressure on areas of tension rather than kneading or rubbing as you find in traditional Swedish styles. He makes you an active participant by frequently eliciting basic feedback (good / neutral / bad) when he works a new area, and consistently explains what he is doing. It's clear that he puts a lot of time and care into his work. Would definitely recommend.


Not only does my back and neck feel more relaxed (than it has in years) after a session with Aaron, but he’s given me the tools and exercises to find relief of my tight traps at home and in the gym. I highly recommend Frederick Bodywork.


As a martial arts practitioner, I've had chronic hip pain for the past 3 years. I've tried chiropractic and traditional massage as treatments, but neither made as lasting an impression as Aaron's body work therapy. Since working with Aaron, my hip pain has diminished significantly, my usual morning stiffness is gone, and I feel taller and looser when I walk. I highly recommend Aaron's body work therapy for anyone with chronic joint and muscle aches!

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